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The New Standard
in Talent Management


Status Quo in HR

Since the dawn of mankind, having the right people was one of the key factors that determined success in any endeavor. In today's world, organizations from businesses to governments to non-profit spend most of their time and resources on self-perpetuating cycle of finding, recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining people.

Hard realization

Global pandemic accelerated the adoption of new technology but we are only in the early innings of massive digital transformation. 72% of qualified candidates in the United Stated have hard time finding opportunities that realize their potential, resulting in record 47 million people in the US alone quitting their jobs in 2021.

Growing Challenge

From a company perspective, the situation appears even more challenging with 86% of CEOs in the United States mentioning talent supply chains issues as the number one priority. New business models along with generational shifts and new technology compel organizations to reinvent themselves. 


The number of US job openings stands at 11 million while only 6 million are looking for work. People are re-evaluating not only what they do and how they work but trying to build fulfilling careers that will allow them to find highest point of contribution.

Changing approach

As industries converge, companies struggle to recruit, develop, and retain people. Organizations experience urgent and persistent need for entirely new skills, new career pathways, new employment models, new organizational structures, and new HR practices.

Numbers of new reality


Over a third of millennials plan to look for a new job post-pandemic, the largest percentage of any generation


of the global workforce is considering quitting their jobs


of the U.S. workforce is engaged at work


of workers planning to look for a new job cited concern about career growth


received an industry-recognized credential to support their career change

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Talent Management?

At Astoria AI we use AI algorithms helping people to unlock their full potential and to find highest point of contribution in your organization. We work with companies to identify and attract those people and build sustained practices of motivating and retaining most qualified talent. Let’s work together to accelerate your Talent Management.

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